8 February 2015 20:15to9 February 2015 00:00

Hotel Splendid Venice

Sunday, 8 February @ 8.15 p.m.

A gala dinner and ball set in 1800s Venice

Dinner in costume with dances from the 1800s inside the beautiful atmosphere of the hotel Splendid Venice, near St Mark Square. The music of the Romantic era of the 1800s played live from the orchestra and the dances from that time will bring the guests back to that era of a Romantic Venice. The dinner will be served seated. The musicians will entertain the guests during and after dinner and the Dance teachers will show how to dance as if it was 1815!

Dress Code: costume
If you need a costume visit the Atelier Tiepolo

Full program of the Venice Carnival in Costume™ 2015:

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